2018 Annual Report


Our Mission

We desire for Emmaus Bible College to be flourishing, relevant, and accessible as a trusted name for transformational learning rooted in Biblical truth. Emmaus alumni work and serve across the globe. They are impacting the world for Christ in their ministries, professions, and communities. Because of your partnership we are achieving our historical mission of “educating and equipping learners to impact the World for Christ.”


Thank you all for your partnership in prayer and financial support this past year. We consider it a high privilege to have you stand with us in the important task of “Educating and Equipping Learners to Impact the World for Christ.”

We ended 2018 in the best financial shape of the last several years, with a positive balanced budget for the first time in over 5 years. This important progress positions us well for a sustainable, healthy future. As you see from the above chart, about one third of our revenue comes from gifts provided by alumni and friends of the College, an outstanding ratio for any non-profit ministry. I am deeply grateful for the way that God is using so many individuals and foundations to sustain this valuable work!

I continue to receive many commendations about our graduates from business, ministry and local church leaders I meet in places around the country. Whether in the local community of Dubuque as teachers or business professionals, or in numerous ministries and missions all over the world, Emmaus Bible College alumni are making an eternal impact as they brightly shine “…the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God” (2 Cor. 4:4).

Thank you once again for faithfully helping us to sustain this work.


We desire for Emmaus Bible College to be flourishing, relevant, and accessible as a trusted name for transformational learning rooted in biblical truth.


Enabling students to access quality education

Paying for a college education can be a daunting task for many families. This past year, every Emmaus student received an average of $8,133 in financial aid.


Rated higher than average in several areas

Our student satisfaction ratings were higher than the average 4-year private college in these key areas:

  • Course content is valuable
  • Quality of instruction is excellent
  • Tuition is a worthwhile investment
  • Staff are caring and helpful
  • It is easy to get the classes I need


Preparing our students for life after college

In addition to increasing their understanding and application of the Bible and Christian theology, we seek to equip our students with skills and knowledge appropriate to their chosen professions or fields of service. We currently offer degrees in 11 programs: Applied Mathematics, Biblical Studies, Business, Computer Studies, Counseling, Educational Ministries, General Studies, Health Sciences, Intercultural Studies, Music, and Teacher Education.

Our Students

Emmaus students rely on us to help prepare them to impact the world for Christ in their ministries, professions, and communities.


Business Administration Major

Student Body President, Senior

My last three years at Emmaus Bible College have been an enormous blessing from the very moment I walked through the doors as an incoming freshman. The amount of care given to everyone by the faculty, staff, and fellow students is a true blessing that not all college students can enjoy. The uniqueness of Emmaus giving students the opportunity to grow in their faith while also pursuing a professional degree is the chance of a lifetime. Emmaus has given me the opportunity to not just learn about the word of God, but to also learn much about living life as a Christian while engaging with people from all different walks of life and cultures.

My time at Emmaus has challenged me incredibly and provided the opportunity to love and serve others through my studies and activities in ways that I would not have thought was possible. The Emmaus experience is something that I can’t put a price on. Thank you for supporting students of Emmaus Bible College through your prayers and financial giving.